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How Policy-Makers Can Lead On Climate Change

Dear GENI Friend,

The success of an industry can sometimes rest on a few basic elements.  I recall a presentation from an expert with the National Renewable Energy Lab, where she identified the three critical legs of the "solar energy stool": resource potential, technological advancement and investment capital. 

Just as important are the government policy drivers — the carpet underneath that stool.  Government can hinder an industry, thus yanking the carpet out.  Government can remain hands-off (laissez-faire), or they can provide incentives to encourage an industry's development.  The right policy can be a magic carpet that lifts and accelerates a desired outcome.

Recently the leaders of the American Wind Energy Association (www.awea.org) , Solar Energy Industries Association (www.seia.org) and the Geothermal Energy Association (www.geo-energy.org) met in Washington to outline their common recommendations.  These trade groups are seeking to level the energy playing field, knowing that fossil fuels still get 10 times more tax breaks and incentives.  Their core requests are reasonable:

  • long-term extension of the production and investment tax credits (PTC and ITC)
  • a national renewable electricity standard
  • a climate bill that recognizes renewable energy's emission reduction contributions
  • incentives to upgrade and expand the transmission grid.

Germany is not a ideal country for solar or wind development, yet they have become world leaders in both sectors.  Enlightened policy has helped create 250,000 new high-tech jobs and a model for all other nations.  With the price of oil at all-time highs, I'll say it once again — what's missing is the sense of urgency and political will of our leaders to fully support sustainable clean resources. 

It's time for each of us to get involved.  You may recall that GENI's 2004 newsletter focused on all of the best Renewable Energy Policies from Around the World.  While many nations are embracing these policies, for other countries the uptake is way too slow.  We elect our representatives and expect them to make thoughtful, timely decisions.  Do your part and write to your local, state  and national leaders, asking them to embrace these policies that benefit everyone.

In partnership,

Peter Meisen


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