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GENI Featured In Economist.com Energy Crisis Debate

Dear GENI Friend,

Last month, we received an exciting invitation from the editors at the Economist.com. They host Oxford style on-line debates on global issues and wanted us to participate on the subject of the Global Energy Crisis. Of course we said yes – and spent the next 10 days, August 19-29th, writing Opening, Rebuttal and Closing Statements to their proposition: "We can solve our energy problems with existing technologies today, without the need for breakthrough innovations." Joseph Romm of the Center for American Progress wrote the Pro arguments. They asked me to write from the Con position.

As you'll see, the answer is not either to use existing technology or breakthroughs. It's that we need and/both. There are many renewable technologies; like wind, solar and geothermal power that are commercial today, but make up less than 3% of global electrical production. We'll need plug-in hybrid cars, second generation biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells to wean ourselves from petroleum. The Economist moderator, Vijay Vaitheeswaran, makes an important point that you can only spend a dollar once, requiring us to make spending decisions today or investments for the future.

This was a big deal for us. Globally, the Economist offers thoughtful insight and credibility on the issues of our day. You can still assist us with this important opportunity. I invite you to review the Economist Energy Debate and then share it with your colleagues and friends. You'll find the GENI Initiative is woven throughout this debate and is what's needed in every nation.

In partnership,

Peter Meisen


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