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Transmission And Renewables Integration Are Top Issues Of North American Electric Reliability 10 Year Outlook

Dear GENI Friend,

Very few people know of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), but they play a critical role in our daily lives.  The job of NERC is to maintain the reliability and security of the electric power system of the United States and Canada – and most every nation has a similar agency charged with keeping the lights on for their country.  Looking forward to plan new energy infrastructure is critical in a growing economy with a shifting population.

For the first time, the NERC 10 Year Assessment is in alignment with GENI’s initiative to link renewable energy resources across all regions.  They forecast 260,000 MW of new renewable development – mostly wind and solar farms.  This is 13 times the existing renewable capacity and reflects the increasing demand for clean, domestic energy sources.

International Energy Agency 2009 graphic of World Electricity Generation

The NERC recommends 32,000 miles of new high-voltage transmission to access these renewables and ensure system reliability.  In many cases, the best wind, solar and geothermal sites are found in remote locations and even neighboring nations.  The transmission grid enables clean electricity to be delivered to all.  As stated by Mark Lauby of NERC, “The time is now to address concerns like transmission siting, secure smart grid implementation, and the integration of renewable resources.”

We’ve attached the International Energy Agency 2009 graphic of World Electricity Generation.  You can see that Thermal Fuels (coal, oil and gas) have dominated in the past 4 decades – so there’s a real challenge in making this shift to clean energy sources.  We are encouraged by the US commitment to accelerate clean energy projects, and we would like to see this strategy copied by all nations.  My request: please share this initiative with the President and Prime Minister in your country.  Ask them to collaborate with your neighboring nations – because working together is the path to sustainability.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


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