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$10 Trillion Needed for Clean Technology
Get Your Share of the Green Economy

Dear GENI Friend,

“Energy is at the heart of the problem — and so must form the core of the solution,” said Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).  In order to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions, the IEA calls for $10 trillion dollars of new investment over the next two decades in clean energy technologies: renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels and nuclear power**.  This is less than 1% of the global GDP, so the money is available.

“The message is simple and stark: If the world continues on the basis of today’s energy and climate policies, the consequences of climate change will be severe,” warned Mr. Tanaka.   The change must come in the energy sectors – specifically how we power our cars, our industry and keep the lights on.   Coal, oil and gas have fueled the economic growth of the last century, but left us with wars over depleting resources, pollution of our waters and air, respiratory ailments to miners and children.

FTSE KLD Global Climate 100 Index - Leadership In Climate SolutionsWhy stay on the path of pollution, when the road to renewables is now clear?  Develop renewable energies large and small.  Integrate them into the grid so that everyone can be a clean energy consumer.

Ultimately, we get what we invest in and buildGENI does not offer financial advice, but we note that wind and solar energy have been growing at 30-40% rates for several years now.  In 2005, GENI partnered with KLD to launch what is now the FTSE-KLD Global Climate 100 Index, tracking the leaders in climate change solutions.

Get Your Share of the Green Economy - EIG - EcoInvestorguide.comThis year, we have partnered with the www.EcoInvestorGuide.com to better educate any investor who wants to understand this sector and get their share of the green economy.

Almost every continent has seen some extreme weather the past few months.  One outcome of climate change will be more volatility in the normal weather patterns we experience – heavier rains, more snowfall, longer droughts, and fiercer winds.  We see these trends and see no time to dither.   Put your money into your convictions, into the future for our children.  There’s no time to waste.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


**NOTE: GENI disagrees on nuclear, encouraging the focus on linking abundant, local and remote renewables.

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