J u l y  2 0 1 1 — Volume 19, Issue 7
The GENI-us Letter

India And Nepal Linking Transmission Grids
GENI Receives Proclamation For 25th Anniversary

Dear GENI Friend,

India and Nepal are vastly different in many ways: population, geography, culture and policy.  Yet they are moving forward to interconnect their electric grids across borders to the benefit of both.  Nepal is blessed with abundant hydropower resources beyond their domestic needs, and India requires more electricity to avoid power shortages and help grow its economy.

power development map of Nepal

In line with GENI’s message, India’s deputy power minister stated,  “No South Asian country can meet its energy needs entirely from within its own domestic resources.  We need to integrate the entire region by a robust power grid.”

Similar agreements are being seen across the continent: China and Russia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The desire for higher living standards is challenging old notions of mistrust between neighbors.  In fact, these projects help to build trust and cooperation as nations commission transmission lines for 24/7 energy trade.  GENI has advocated for years – the more we interconnect and trade across borders, the more peace we will see.

GENI has moved into our new location in downtown San Diego.  Last week we officially opened our doors and received a City of San Diego Proclamation declaring “GENI Day in San Diego” on July 12th, Buckminster Fuller’s Birthday.   Attached is that Proclamation that highlights our work of 25 years.  We proudly share this with you, as you have helped make this work possible with your support.

GENI's 25th Anniversary Seal.jpg

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


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