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The GENI-us Letter

GENI Report From The 2013 World Energy Congress, Korea

Dear GENI Friend,

We have just returned from exhibiting at the World Energy Congress (WEC) in Daegu, Korea.  5000 Energy Ministers, Utility executives and global engineering firms convene every three years.  This year’s theme was:

“Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today.”  

GENI has been exhibiting since the early 90’s, advocating the interconnection of renewable energy between all nations as the premier energy strategy.   This year GENI was 1 of 2 U.S. exhibitors, offering Renewable Road Maps to national delegates as they visited.Peter Meisen at GENI's World Energy Congress 2013 booth in Daegu, Korea

Our 100% Renewable Potential reports for Korea, China and Japan were the hot items, as we immediately emailed these to delegates.  The banner (to my left) summarized our key questions to every guest:

  • Carbon – what will it cost you?
  • What is the renewable potential of your region?
  • Do your renewables have transmission access?
  • Will you make this transition to renewables?
  • How will you design it?

While climate change was discussed in the conference sessions, as you’ll see in the attached WEC survey, they expect fossil fuels to expand to meet the population and economic growth in the coming decades.

We argued that Climate Change (with carbon dioxide concentrations now at 400ppm) will alter this future scenario.

A few delegates will acknowledge this challenge, but most are responsible for the power and transportation in their nations. These markets remain dominated by fossil fuels.

To the right of our screen we featured the MSCI Global Climate Index. This tracks the leading 100 companies working to decarbonize their businesses.  We get what we invest in and build, and GENI argued the case for “investing in climate solutions.”  Call us to learn more.

The World Energy Conference is a reality check.  Our GENI exhibit shared the floor with million dollar exhibits from Saudi Aramco, SIEMENS, Gazprom, PEMEX and the United Arab Emirates.  Our footprint is small by comparison, but our message is mighty and truthful.  Thank you again for your support.  You can review some of our daily Facebook posts:  https://www.facebook.com/geni.new.56

In partnership for the planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen


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