M a r c h  2 0 1 4 — Volume 22, Issue 3
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100% Renewable Energy for all U.S. States and the World

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The momentum is building in the Renewable Energy world.  Today we feature the work of Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobsen who has conducted detailed research on the transition to a renewable energy future.  He has developed 100% Renewable Energy Roadmaps for every US state, entitled: TheSolutionsProject.org

The solutions project California

What you can see from this California example is the diversification of clean energy resources required for reliability and to meet the demand: some from individual rooftop systems as well as large solar and wind farms, geothermal and hydropower generation.

Utilities must provide reliable power 24/7, so this broad mix is critical to meet daytime peak and nighttime baseload demand.

The other critical infrastructure is the electric grid that links these big renewables with cities and industry.  Tapping large renewables and high-voltage interconnections go together.

Professor Jacobsen makes the case that the transition will also create thousands of construction and operation jobs – a selling point in every state.

We have been publishing GENI's 100% Renewable Energy Road Maps for the top 20 nations, researched by  our international interns to encourage the clean revolution in their home countries.  The argument is simple: there's plenty of untapped capacity, it creates domestic jobs and it's cleaner. 

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P.S. Coming soon – GENI's report on: "How Cities can Make the Transition to 100% Renewable Energy."

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