A p r i l  2 0 1 7 — Volume 25, Issue 04

GENI-us Letter 2017-04

Your Next Car or Fleet Purchase: Electric vs. Gasoline

Dear GENI Friend,

Nisson Leaf electric car with plugHere’s how GENI, the electric grid and your next car are all connected. Electric cars are being offered by most auto makers, because the market is demanding them and policies are requiring zero emission vehicles in many states. I’ve driven ours for 1.5 years and can offer my own experience and recommendation.

They are quiet, never need an oil change and have tremendous torque power when needed. Most nations and states offer tax credits upon purchase and I definitely prefer plugging in each night over pumping gasoline -- so zero tail-pipe emissions!

Electric vs. Gas DiagramDepending on which state or country you live in, your source of power determines your total emissions.

Here’s a simple Electric vs. Gasoline comparison of the key cost/mile, charge time, and CO2 emissions that concern most users.

While at the San Diego SIMCenter, we heard a presentation from a Regional Planner who offered a provocative presentation: “Solar is a Transportation Fuel”

Peder Norby had installed solar PV to meet his house needs, and then additional panels to power his electric vehicles. His life cycle analysis showed real savings in fuel and car service charges in the tens of thousands of dollars! He convinced me.

Our largest purchase is often the car we buy. Do consider an EV or hybrid EV the next time you or your company is in the market. It’s better for your wallet and for the planet as well.

In Partnership for the Planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen, President

p.s. We are holding a SIMCenter Demo in Silicon Valley this summer. Follow developments and opportunities here: www.WRSC.org/simcenters

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