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Welcome to the Bucky Products
Fax/Mail Order Form

Print this form to fax or mail.
Allow one to two weeks for delivery.
Orders sent via Air Mail.
Special handling is available.

Mail:       GENI Fax: 619-595-0403
  P.O. Box 81565
  San Diego, CA 92138 USA          

First Name ________________________________

Last Name ________________________________

Email ____________________________________

Company(Optional) _________________________

Address __________________________________

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State ____________________________________

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Credit Card Number __________________________

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Signature _________________________________

Or Call 619-595-0139 with your card number and order information ready.

Qty           Videos / Audios Unit Price Subtotal
  The World of Buckminster Fuller (90 min. video by Robert Snyder) $33.00  
  Reflections (60 min. video by Robert Snyder and Jamie Snyder) $39.00  
  Is there enough to go around? (one cassette) $11.00  
  Around the Universe with Buckminster Fuller (two cassettes) (includes: Is there enough to go around?) $19.00  
Qty           Books Unit Price Subtotal
  Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical/Monologue Scenario (book by Robert Snyder)
SOLD OUT-awaiting reprint by Publisher
  Bucky Works (book by Jay Baldwin) $28.00  
  Critical Path (book by R.B. Fuller & Kuromiya) $20.00  
  Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (book by R. B. Fuller) $22.00  
  Bucky For Beginners (book by Mark Laycock) $  9.00  
  Your Private Sky, R.B. Fuller, The Art of Design Science (book edited by: J. Krausse, C. Lichtenstein) $70.00  
  Buckminster Fuller, Anthology for the New Millennium
(edited by: Thomas T. K. Zung)
Qty           Maps Unit Price Subtotal
  Dymaxion Globe -6" foldable globe and base $10.00  
  Dymaxion Map, Fuller projection - 4 color edition $17.00  
  Dymaxion Map, Spaceship Earth edition - from satellite photographs $18.00  
Qty           Objects/Tools/Toys Unit Price Subtotal
  Vector Flexor - the "jitterbug" $13.00  
  Tensegritoy - tension and compression always coexist $34.00  
  Roger's Connection - magnetic rods and balls $37.00  
  Zome Tool - build your own bridge, DNA, or crystal $38.00  
Qty GENI Contributions Unit Price Subtotal
  GENI Membership and Newsletter (Annual) $35.00  
  My Immediate Gift to GENI
Enclosed $
  My Monthly Pledge to GENI
Monthly $

         The World Game Simulation:

This event is a half day interactive experience for 100-200 people on a Dymaxion Map the size of a basketball court. The global resources, economics, and issues are placed in your hands — for you to solve. [Webmaster's Note: I have played this game several times, and highly recommend it!]

Contact GENI  
  $2.50US US & Canada
$10.00US International
Total           Grand Total Total:  

We will reply by telephone to confirm your order and payment instructions.


P.S. GENI volunteers and interns need computer equipment and software to accelerate the attainment of GENI's misson (and which you can purchase and/or donate for tax writeoffs in the U.S.). Please make a note of your prospective computer/software pledge in the comment area above.

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Updated: 2016/06/30
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