TrimTab 2017 Campaign Trimtab 2015 Campaign for GENI

With the TrimTab* 2017 Campaign, GENI invites you to make an impact today. Your investment helps San Diego regional policy-makers, business leaders, and the public to address the region’s most pressing challenges through this innovative non-profit organization.

* The engineer Buckminster Fuller used the trim tab as a metaphor for making big changes with small effort.

“There's a tiny rudder at the tailing edge of a large ship’s rudder called a trim tab. Moving the trim tab creates a low pressure that pulls the large rudder around, changing the ship’s course. It takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the individual can be a trim tab and make big course changes in the whole ship of state.”  
           — Buckminster Fuller


Leading the Way to Awareness, Insight and Action

Call: Peter Meisen +1.619.234.1088; 4420 Rainier Ave, Ste.308, San Diego, CA 92120 USA


TrimTab 2017 Campaign

What we decide and how we proceed have an impact for generations.

The TrimTab 2017 Campaign allows GENI and the SIMCenter to Scale Up
 to make an impact both globally and locally.

For 30 years, the GENI Initiative has been accelerating the transition to renewables by communicating this potential to world leaders. This work continues today by educating and shaping the leaders of tomorrow through:

  ●  100% Renewable Roadmaps
  ●  GIS Map creation
  ●  GENI Model

The SIMCenter, GENIs physical space for visualizing sustainable solutions, was launched in 2011 and has grown rapidly from an idea to a functioning prototype. This facility:

  ●  Gives voice to environmental issues, highlighting their interconnected nature. 
  ●  Offers a replicable model for other cities, organizations and institutions
  ●  As a high-tech visualization space, hosts notable subject matter experts on topics like transportation, renewable energy, water resources, climate change and more.
  ●  Organizes programs such as:
  ○  Global Classroom
  ○  100% Renewable San Diego
  ○   Green Scene


TrimTab 2017 Campaign
Goal: $300,000

  ● Education $100,000
Raising awareness and expertise among the public and students from all over the world.

  ● Technology Upgrade $50,000
Communicating options and solutions more effectively in the facility and online.

  ● Building Capacity $150,000
Building the team for greater impact.


Trimtab 2015 Campaign for GENI


SIMCenter Programs Drive Positive Change

SIMCenter Summer Series — Global Classroom
GeoDesign: Engineering the Transition to Renewable Energy and Clean Water for All

The Annual SIMCenter Summer Series trains the sustainability leaders of tomorrow!

Students from around the world are immersed in sustainable development. Through this program, young leaders gain experience in research, teamwork, presentations skills and critical thinking. Global Classroom participants present the outcome of their research bi-weekly all summer, each being recorded for future use by other organizations, cities and nations. 

  ●  Gives Over 100 international students in 4 years
  ●  45 Events with over 500 attendees
  ●  40 new video presentations on YouTube


100% Renewable San Diego

A partnership with San Diego Renewable Energy Society and three leading San Diego organizations to educate, engage, and advocate for action that will lead San Diego toward 100% clean and renewable resources. Monthly events with leading subject matter experts offer options and solutions for this transition.

  ●  12 high-caliber events annually with industry professionals and city leaders
  ●  Compendium of best practices and action steps


Green Scene

How sustainable are we?
Continuous monthly programing educates and explores our regions most urgent environmental challenges. Speakers include subject matter experts, leading researchers and decision-makers in their field, non-profit, government and business leaders. The program also includes a monthly documentary film night, cultivating environmental literacy and informed action. Through the Green Scene, the SIMCenter acts as a hub for San Diegos sustainable and environmental sector.

  ●  Directory of 120 environmental organizations in San Diego County
  ●  Current calendar of sustainability events around the region
  ●  Over 70 subject matter experts from critical disciplines
  ●  Over 2000 attendees


Leveraging Your Support to Make a Difference Trimtab 2015 Campaign for SIMCenter


GENI Initiative Accelerates the Transition to Renewables

100% Renewable Roadmaps  

Executive Summary research reports for nations and regions around the world, demonstrating the untapped renewable energy potential of their country. Publicized and marketed to world leaders, energy ministers, industry leaders and global influencers to catalyze every nation to fully develop this renewable potential.

  ●  16 Road Maps for Regions and Countries
  ●  A network of world leaders and industry professionals
  ●  Exhibited at the World Energy Conference for past 25 years


GIS Renewable Maps 

Utilizing state of the art mapping software (ESRI GIS, Google Earth, Open GIS software) to create and publish energy maps for nations and regions across the world. Through this program, GENI highlights each nations solar, wind, geothermal and hydro potential capacity and the missing links to interconnect that power using high-voltage transmission within and between nations.

  ●  45 Layered Maps Generated
  ●  24 New GIS students trained
  ●  Incorporated into 100% Renewable Roadmaps


GENI Model

Accelerating The Transition To Renewables
The GENI Model is a computer-generated simulation that visualizes energy use for the planet in a 24 hour cycle. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, GENI has been refining this model since 2012. The simulation incorporates population, pollution, and GDP, demonstrating the benefits of interconnecting grids across time zones. The purpose of this tool is to visually portray how the transition to 100% renewable energy is both technically feasible and economically desirable.

  ●  Leading-edge thinking in energy cooperation around the world
  ●  Contributes a unique visual tool for decision-makers

Leveraging Your Support to Make a Difference Trimtab 2015 Campaign for GENI



Leading the Way to Awareness, Insight and Action

Call: Peter Meisen +1.619.234.1088; 4420 Rainier Ave, Ste.308, San Diego, CA 92120 USA