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International Inquiries

We have many volunteer/intern projects at GENI. What is truly unique here is that your interests and talents shape the project you undertake. We have several broadly defined goals that come to reality through your individual interest and skills.

Our program is flexible. We accept applications continuously and for any period of time based on your availability. You would undertake a research project of length suitable for the time you are with us. We accept applicants with backgrounds in engineering (electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental, etc), sustainability, economics, international relations, conflict resolution, GIS, marketing, business management, social networking, etc. Our net is broad, because the issues of sustainability, renewable energy and transmission are global issues that must be addressed from many different perspectives.

Join Us For Our Summer Series -- Get Started Now!To apply, please send a cover letter expressing your motivation, dates requested, any particular project interest, your language score, if not a native English speaker, and your resume.

Please understand that we are limited in the number of J-1 (international student) visas we can accept. For now, your acceptance might require your willingness to do your research independently from your own country under the auspices of GENI. You would need to find a supervisor at your university who could vouch for your work.

If you want to learn about renewable energy, electricity transmission, rural electrification, clean energy investment, energy policy, work with GIS software, be a video editor, web site designer, or network administrator, to name only a few topics, contact GENI

If you have questions or would like to apply to be an intern, please use an email to contact us and get more information at info @ Due to the volume of inquiries, no phone calls please.


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