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About Us

Global Energy Network International (GENI) is a rapidly developing international organization that is committed to improve the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet. Established to undertake research and educational activities into the relationships between energy (specifically electricity) and quality of life on the global scale, GENI has lead debate in the electricity and engineering communities. Equipped with the qualitative technical validation it is now time to broaden its activities on the education front, marketing to the world stage that there is "Finally A Solution" to our global problems.

Executive Director
Position Description

Professional Background:

Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience
Minimum 5 years experience in working with tax-exempt organizations


Refine and Implement Marketing Strategies
Refine and Implement and fulfill Fund-raising Program
Develop Marketing and Fund-raising materials
Organizational and Management system documentation
Financial management and Budgeting
Liaison with International Affiliate Offices
Report to Board of Directors
Liaison with Board Committees
Supervise staff and volunteers
Supervise organization's expenditures
Develop intermediate and long range strategic plans
Refining the GENI Business Plan


Strong sales and marketing experience essential
Proven fund-raising track record
Experience supervising and training staff and volunteers
Strong communications skills
Computer literate - especially communications / financial management / contact management
Ability to create and maintain organizational systems


$30,000 (reviewed annually)