How Can You Participate?

GENI is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet. Global and local activities are needed to accelerate the accomplishment of the GENI initiative. Your participation can take many forms — be it your time, expertise, talents, financial donations, contacts or influence. Please contact Patricia Stevens or Peter Meisen at GENI in San Diego for more information about getting involved.

"We must understand and explain to everyone on our planet that the interconnection between power systems of different countries is one of the important tasks for all humanity." — Victor Yershevich, Director of Science, Energoset Project, Russia

You can support GENI through the following:

Self education:

  • Read the Source Document and related information
  • Watch the GENI videos and/or computer animation disk
  • Call or write to GENI to get on the Newsletter mailing list ($15 donation/yr.)


  • Arrange for a presentation with your trade group, organization or special interest group (environmental, peace, business, hunger, population, development).
  • Provide an information booth with literature and contribution forms at conferences and public events.
  • Host a "Contribution Evening" to inform your friends and support GENI.
  • Contact the media regarding a feature story on GENI. We will provide the information.
  • Secure the endorsements of businesses, politicians and celebrities.

Research and writing:

  • Write articles for magazines and journals or help with our "Issue Papers."
  • Write letters of support to political leaders and other decision makers (see sample on "Syria")
  • Help with research in print media (send us relevant newspaper/magazine articles) or electronic media (forwaRed appropriate information form the Internet or create a hot link to our web page).

Financial contribution:

  • Make a tax-deductible contribution (our most critical support comes from individuals who are regular monthly or quarterly donors). Call us regarding an estate gift.
  • Become a corporate partner. Please call us on this.

"There is no energy shortage. There is no energy crisis. There is a crisis of ignorance." — Buckminster Fuller