The GRID Initiative: A Compelling Global Strategy

This is a project that will affect the lives of every person on the planet. It is both simple and complex.

Simply stated, the strategy is to link electrically the renewable energy resources around the world.

This was determined to be the planet's highest priority from the World Game™, a global simulation that asks the question:

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or the disadvantage of anyone?

Two decades ago, both the United Nations and Buckminster Fuller determined that a sufficient supply of electrical energy provides the foundation for a decent standard of living. By tapping the planet's abundant renewable energy, the needs of all humanity could be met in an environmentally sustainable fashion. The technology exists today, and it is cost competitive.

The benefits of this strategy are enormous — and proven. The complexity begins as you examine the implications of 190 nations cooperating daily for the mutual benefit of all. The interconnection of electrical networks between countries and continents tapping renewables will have huge impact. It would:

  • increase universal living standards
  • increase trade, cooperation and enhance world peace
  • increase energy efficiency and sustainable development
  • reduce climate change and pollution due to current fossil fuel usage and nuclear wastes
  • reduce world hunger, literacy and poverty
  • stabilize world population growth

Experts around the world have corroborated these findings:

"A global energy network makes enormous sense." Al Gore as US Senator

"A vast and visionary undertaking... to build peace." Walter Hickel as Gov. of Alaska

"The planet's highest priority objective." Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

"Extensive international cooperation... would help overcome social-economic problems." Yevgeny Velikhov as VP of USSR Academy of Sciences

"A thoughtful and scientific solution to the world's problems." Ron Williams, General Motors, Director of R&D

What if these experts are all right? GENI's goal is to put this credentialed and compelling global strategy for an interconnected global grid on the agenda of 190 world leaders as quickly as possible.

We welcome the involvement and support of everyone. We have 4 main projects which require financial support. Please contact us for more information.