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Kancelár prezidenta republiky

Peter Meisen
President, Global Energy Network Institute
World Trade Center of San Diego
1250 Sixth Avenue, Suite 901
San Diego, CA 92102

8 August 2000, Prague
KPR JN4132/2000

Dear Mr. Meisen,

On behalf of President Vaclav Havel I would like to thank you for your letter dated 19 July 200, the enclosures, and the references to sites for further information regarding the integration of electrical power grids.

As you are probably aware, President Havel is a strong advocate of renewable energy resources and strategies which promote peaceful integration.

Thank you once again for the informative letter and information.

Sincerely yours,

Pavel Fischer, Director
Political Department


Office of the President
Czech Republic
CZ-119 08 Praha-Hrad
Tel: (420/2) 2437 1111, Fax: (420/2) 2437 3300

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