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August 24, 2000

Mr. Peter Meisen
Global Energy Network Institute
World Trade Canter of San Diego
1250 Sixth Ave. Suite 901
San Diego, CA 92101

Dear Mr. Meisen:

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your letter of July 19, 2000, addressed to President Chen Shui-bian, together with the enclosures.

We admire the ideals and efforts of Global Energy Network Institute to bring genuine prosperity and welfare to all peoples in the world. We concur with you that linking renewable energy resources is a compelling global strategy for sustainable development. Over the past years, we have already integrated electricity grids of all Taiwan area, thus developing this country into a modern and prosperous economy.

Sharing your commitment, the government and people of the Republic of China stand together to shoulder our responsibility in realizing the noble ideals you raised. Regrettably, this country is not a member of the United Nations and thus, President Chen is unable to comply with your appeal to endorse the motion in the U.N. as requested. Your understanding is appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Sheng-hsiung Liao
The First Bureau

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