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Federal Department
of Foreign Affairs

Federal Councillor
Micheline Calmy-Rey

Mr. Peter Meisen
Global Energy Network Institute
PO Box 81565
San Diego, CA 92138 USA

Berne, April 1, 2004

Best Renewable Energy Policies from Around the World

Dear Mr. Meisen,

My warmest thanks for your letter about "Best renewable Energy Policies from Around the World". I am personally interested in any new initiative or evolution in the field of renewable energies: the publication of your Institute, for instance, brings progress in this important issue.

I share with you the opinion that renewable energies are the key for a sustainable evolution of the economy and must be therefore developed in a large scale in every part of the world where wind, solar and biogas powers can be used.

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs follows ths issue carefully in conjunction with the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication, competent for this matter.

Let me add that Switzerland has had a program for the promotion of renewable energies since the 1990's. The actual program for the present decade, "Swiss energy" - calls for an increase from 1.3% to 2.3% of the electricity share by renewable energies and of 3% for the heat production.

Switzerland provides financial support to the renewables (around 20-25 million Swiss francs per year) mainly for promotional activities, research and pilot projects.

I will appreciate any future exchange of information between your institute and my ministry and advise you to send your future correspondence to the Environment Division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

With my best regards

Micheline Calmy-Rey