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8 February 1997

Dear Peter,

As I am writing my 2000 ideas to the year 2000, I came again this morning across the world engineering projects idea and in particular the world energy grid idea. Herewith the text I wrote down. It occurred to me that rather than run after the State of the World people, it would be better to lobby with a government. And since you had a good ear from the Mexican governor who held recently the regional meeting, you could propose to him that he ask the government of Mexico to place an item on the agenda of the UN as per idea herewith of today. When you write to him, give him my warmest regards. We met in his room during the State of the World Forum, together with an Indian lady whom I remembered when recently traveling in India. Unfortunately I could not come to the regional Forum. Please give also a ring to Barbara Gaughen in Santa Barbara and ask her to send you two copies of the first fascicle of 100 ideas of mine towards the year 2000, one for you, the other for the Mexican governor.

And as I wrote this letter to you, I added an idea 944 concerning GENI.

With all my love an admiration for your wonderful work and cause.

Yours ever,

Robert Muller

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2,000 ideas to the year 2,000:

17 March 1995
~Idea 250~

We now have at long last a World Trade Organization. Needed as much, if not more, is a World Engineering Agency that would conceive and implement major world engineering projects which would improve the overall productivity of the planet and the well-being of the people. For example, several major unexploited hydro-electrical sites in the world could provide enough electricity for humanity's needs, transported intercontinentally through high power transmission lines, in a world energy grid which would take advantage of the night and day rotation of the planet. As a result, atomic energy could be dispensed with and our future saved from annihilation through atomic radiation.

Buckminster Fuller was a goldmine of such ideas. They should be carefully studied. There exists in San Diego, California, an institute, GENI, which has studied and advocates a world energy grid. It should receive top attention and be supported.

8 February 1997
~Idea 943~

I will not repeat it often enough: we need several great common world engineering projects which will help save us incredible sums of money spent on national duplications, increase the productivity of the world economy and help us save the environment (see idea No. 250). The building of world hydroelectrical plants in the Amazons and Himalayas would be the first ones to be considered, feeding a world electrical and energy grid as proposed by Buckminster Fuller and me years ago in the United Nations Natural Resources Division. This cause is continued today by the GENI Instituted (Global Energy Network International) in San Diego.

I recommend that a government place this particular item on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly or of the UN Economic and Social council: "Study of proposals to build common world hydroelectrical projects on suitable sites in poor countries where lack of resources prevents their building, and creation of a world wide energy grid, fed also by new sources of energy, such as a solar, wind and geothermal energy."

Which government will take the initiative? I will propose it to several.

9 February 1997
~Idea 944~

I recommend that the GENI Institute extend its interest and activities to great world engineering projects more generally or that another Institute or World Association be created on that vita, promising subject.

10 February 1997
~Idea 945~

I recommend that a member government of the United Nations should place an item on the agenda of the UN General Assembly or UN Economic and Social Council, entitled: "Inventory and study of great world engineering projects which would increase the efficiency of the world economy and respond to the humanity's need for common endeavors and investments."