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Here is where you find the details on why the GENI Initiative is such a compelling argument for global environmental protection.









Where can you start in your home and business? Here's a top 10:

  • Replace your lights with compact fluorescent bulbs and

  • Turn off lights and computer monitors when you leave a room

  • When you need new appliances, buy the "energy star" models

  • Buy a hybrid (gas & electric) automobile the next time you are in the market

If you know that right now most of our energy comes from a polluting source, such as coal and oil, why would you waste more of that energy than you need? We are paying a fee, but the environment is paying so much more. Please stop waste and let's take further steps for the environment

  • Buy your electricity from a green energy provider

  • Install solar lighting and water heating on your rooftop

  • If your car allows, use E-10 or E-85 ethanol flex-fuel (made from corn)

  • Or even better, park the car and walk or bike on those short trips

  • Invest your money into a green energy fund

  • Write and ask your public officials to support incentives for renewable development


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