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Global Resources and Issues Links

  • CIA World Factbook http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html
  • World Resources Institute http://www.wri.org/
  • United Nations http://www.un.org/
  • United Nations Environmental Program http://www.unep.org/
  • United Nations Development Program http://www.undp.org/
  • The World Bank group http://www.worldbank.org/
  • Earth Policy Institute http://www.earth-policy.org/
  • Stockholm Environmental Institute http://www.sei.se/



  • World Energy Council http://www.worldenergy.org/wec-geis/
  • Edison Electric Institute http://www.eei.org/
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers- Power Engineering Society http://www.ieee.org/portal/index.jsp?pageID=pes_home
  • Electric Power Research Institute http://www.epri.com/
  • International Council on Large Electric Systems http://www.cigre.org/GB/indexie.htm
  • Energy Central news http://www.energycentral.com/
  • International Energy Agency www.iea.org
  • U.S. Dept of Energy www.energy.gov


Renewable Energy

  • Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology http://www.crest.org/
  • Solar news http://www.solaraccess.com/
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy news http://members.cox.net/mppowers1/nownews5.html
  • Renewable Energy companies and organizations http://energy.sourceguides.com/index.shtml
  • International Solar Energy Society http://www.ises.org/ises.nsf!Open
  • American Wind Energy Association http://www.awea.org/
  • International Geothernal Association http://iga.igg.cnr.it/index.php
  • Biomass Energy Research Association http://www.bera1.org/index.html
  • Ocean Energy research http://www.poemsinc.org/home.html
  • International Journal on Hydropower http://www.hydropower-dams.com/
  • Alliance to Save Energy http://www.ase.org/


  • Society for Computer Simulation http://www.scs.org/
  • Earth Systems Resource Institute http://www.esri.com/
  • Operation System for Spaceship Earth http://osearth.com/
  • Buckminster Fuller Institute Earthscope project http://www.spaceshipearth.org/EARTHSCOPE/earthscope.html
  • Big Picture Small World http://www.bigpicturesmallworld.com/
  • Which World http://mars3.gps.caltech.edu/whichworld//index.html