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Here is where you find the details on why the GENI Initiative is a compelling argument for reducing hunger and maintaining quality of life on a global basis.



Hunger can be ended: The waste of human lives is all the more tragic in that it can be ended. The world produces more than enough food for everyone and, if we act wisely, can continue to do so for future generations. The world community possesses the financial and technical resources necessary to end hunger.

-The Hunger Project

Starvation kills 35,000 every day

35 thousand children die each day from hunger and hunger-related illnesses. These 13 million annual deaths can end if society intitiates already known solutions to the issue of ending hunger.

A key to providing adequate nutrition and health care in any community is electrical energy; for the refrigeration of food and medicine and the pumping and filtering of water and the resultant waste water and sewage. Energy enables irrigation of crops and the processing, packaging and transport of bulk food.

When a society reaches a threshhold of 2,000 kilowatt hours per person per year, infant mortality falls below 50 per year (the United Nations determination between "hungry" and "non-hungry" nations). Also at this threshold, safe drinking water becomes available to 80% of the affected population.

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