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Al Gore Letter about Korea

The Vice President


August 19,1994

Mr. Peter Meisen
Executive Director
Global Energy Network International
San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Meisen:

Thank you for writing to me regarding the potential opportunities for energy cooperation between North and South Korea. I also appreciate the information you sent about Global Energy Network International (GENI).

A sound energy policy is essential to the economic growth and well-being of all nations. President Clinton and I recognize the importance of taking control of our future in energy resources. Policies that emphasize conservation of natural resources and energy efficiency are essential to the future of our planet. In addition, President Clinton and I strongly believe that a wide range of renewable energy sources must be thoroughly researched, developed, and promoted.

I appreciate being informed of the efforts of GENI and your ideas concerning past and future energy cooperation efforts. Please be assured that your ideas will be given full consideration as the President and I work on related policies.

Again, thank you for your letter.


Al Gore