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Department of Energy

Washington, DC 20585

October 26, 2000

Mr. Peter Meisen
World Trade Center of San Diego
1250 Sixth Avenue, Suite 901
San Diego, CA 92101

Dear Mr. Meisen:

Thank you for your recent letter on opportunities for electric power integration on the Korea peninsula.

We recognize that the government of North Korea faces many important and challenging energy policy decisions. Those include how to reform the power and gas sectors and how to improve the climate for foreign investment in energy projects. A power grid between Japan, Russia, China, North and South Korea could indeed foster economic growth and a cleaner environment as you suggest. Construction of power plants and electricity transmission infrastructure is considered one of the more likely areas of outside investment in North Korea.

It is not the Department of Energy's policy to promote one company over another, but we greatly appreciate your interest in rebuilding the infrastructure of North Korea and other Asian countries. We believe that the governments of both South Korea and North Korea have an opportunity to bring prosperity to the people inhabiting the Korean peninsula.

Thank you for sharing your proposal, which we have read with interest.

David L. Pumphrey
Deputy Assistant Secretary
For International Energy Cooperation
Office of International Affairs