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Energy Cooperation is the Solution to Energy Security

Dear GENI Friend,

In the energy business, there seems to be a couple of widely divergent views on the road ahead. One promotes the decentralized approach, placing smaller power plants near the user. This attractive idea puts solar on your rooftop, fuel cells and gas turbines within industrial parks, thus minimizing the use of the transmission grid. International supply disruptions won't affect you.

The utilities and engineering firms that build large plants argue for the economies-of-scale which reduce costs for all, plus offering better stability and reliability via the interconnected network. The differences are almost philosophical — pitting the idea of energy independence vs. interdependence.

As in many debates, there is usually a bit of good on both sides — and oftentimes the ideal solution incorporates the best of both. For years, GENI has been researching this unified theme; that energy cooperation fosters increased trade and the opportunity to rapidly expand the renewable energy sector.

Today, this linking of power grids and tapping of local and remote renewables is growing on every continent. The recent meeting of the ASEAN Energy Ministers reaffirmed their commitment — "An integrated ASEAN energy network will not only significantly enhance economic integration within the regions but also solve energy security."

Halfway around the world, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the growth of solar and wind energy will double in the US and Canada. It states that the global renewable sector is poised for explosive growth — 9.2% compounded annually. This compares to 2.4% growth in fossil fuels. Most of these renewables are being connected into regional grids and sold via your local utility.

We have pushed the linking of renewable energy resources for a decade. It is the highest priority solution of the World Game simulation developed by visionary engineer Buckminster Fuller. Now, our goal is to accelerate this cooperative development in Southeast Asia, and accelerate the renewable transition in North America. We must work harder extend these energy services to 2 billion people who have none. Your financial support continues to make this initiative possible. Thank you for making the difference.

Please vote with your dollars by investing in the sustainability of our planet.

Peter Meisen


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The Global Energy Network Institute focuses on the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources. This strategy is the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by Dr. Buckminster Fuller three decades ago.

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