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Dear GENI Friend,

Nothing gets our attention faster than a big breakdown. The Blackout of 2003 in the Northeastern U.S. and Ontario, Canada affected 50 million people! Within days, every news agency in the world had done stories about the power grid, and how interconnected our society has become.

The interconnected electrical network is the largest, most finely tuned machine in our modern society — and we expect it work 24/7, year after year. As you read the causes of this event, you'll see that utility engineers actually plan for outages (Lessons in power from the big blackout)(Power grid neglected in deregulation). The control systems are designed to isolate faults, re-route the power, and if necessary, trip off transmission lines and generation plants for their protection. However, in just seconds, the overloaded system cascaded faster than the faults could be isolated.

I don't want to minimize the affects of this blackout on 50 million people and the lost economy during those two days. Yet, few deaths were attributed to this 2 day blackout, and most considered it to be a major inconvenience. Solutions will include a mix of grid strengthening, new decentralized generation plants and better communication between power operators.

Now, imagine 40 x 50 million people without power, which equals the 2 billion people who have no electricity for their whole lives! This is the global emergency that requires the attention of all who take a light switch, mass transit and ice cubes for granted.

Our timing was excellent for the September article in WIRED magazine on the GENI initiative entitled Power Up! The graphic shows that many regional grids planned over the last decade are now being built. This huge investment will deliver reliability to energy networks that previously operated only a few hours a day. Yet, more important will be the water pumps, lights and refrigerators that will finally be available to millions who struggle daily to survive. This world wide web of electricity will then enable the remote renewables to gain market share in a fossil dominated world.

WIRED magazine reaches a whole new audience with the GENI Initiative.

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Please vote with your dollars by investing in the sustainability of our planet.

Peter Meisen


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The Global Energy Network Institute focuses on the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources. This strategy is the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by Dr. Buckminster Fuller three decades ago.

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