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The GENI-us Letter

GENI partners with KLD Research and Analytics
to create KLD Global Climate 100SM

Dear GENI Friend,

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new stock index focusing on public companies from around the world who are working to reduce CO2 emissions. For the past two years, GENI has worked with KLD Research & Analytics (www.kld.com) to create an index that can serve as the basis for financial products to attract institutional investors into leading companies who are combating climate change (press release) (CSRwire.com article).

One hundred firms were selected for their leadership in three categories: renewable energy, clean technology and efficiency, and future fuels. Since each sector emits approximately 1/3rd of global carbon dioxide emissions, these companies also hold the solutions to a more sustainable future for all. The KLD Global Climate 100SM includes both large and small capitalization companies, with broad regional representation from Asia, Japan, Europe and the US.

With the wind, solar, biomass, fuel cell industries growing significantly over the past five years, we think this index will attract the world's largest investors: institutional, pension and mutual fund managers. Recent meetings indicate their concern for the financial risk from climate change. They are seeking competitive investment returns that will also encourage carbon reduction strategies.

This is a significant step for GENI and the world. There are several people who deserve special thanks: Ralf Ellerman, Sara Kamins and Alexander Jahn have been exceptional interns doing research and development work. Our partners at KLD are leaders in providing indexes for socially responsible investors — bringing expertise, integrity and commitment to the project. I thank you for your continued support, which makes this work possible.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. The Matching Grant Program from our GENI Board is continuing, so all new contributions will be doubled! Call or e-mail for details.

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