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Economic Development vs. Global Climate Change

Dear GENI Friend,

"If you have no electricity you have no business."
"Electricity makes a huge difference. You can cook, iron, study at night."

Two simple statements that go to the core of electricity access. Since apartheid was outlawed in 1994 in South Africa, electrical access to households has doubled — with the goal to get all homes connected to the grid.

On the other hand, the production of electricity is a major contributor to climate change. The fossil fuels, coal and natural gas, remain the prime resources for global power production. As a result, since 1900 the CO2 content in the atmosphere has grown from 280 parts per million to 380 ppm. This increase is projected to continue as China, India and developing nations grow their economies.

Here's the dilemma:

  • Everyone wants to improve their living standard.
  • Electrical energy is fundamental to that development.
  • Yet most energy production uses CO2 emitting fossil fuels.

GENI has been privileged to join the Global Roundtable on Climate Change (GROCC) hosted by the Earth Institute at Columbia University. See www.grocc.org 150 institutions, corporations and academics will be meeting over three years to dig deeper into the climate issue. The GROCC will propose strategies to mitigate the sources of this pollution and still maintain economic growth.

You and I are fortunate to have been born in a first world nation. We can take full advantage of a vibrant economy. Electricity makes this possible, yet 1.6 billion people remain in the dark every day. Electricity generated from wind, solar, hydro and geothermal creates no CO2 emissions. GENI's mission solves this economy vs. environment dilemma. As a supporter and endorser, your partnership makes this work possible. Thank you.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. The Matching Grant Program from our GENI Board is continuing, so all new contributions will be doubled! Call or e-mail for details.

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The Global Energy Network Institute focuses on the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources. This strategy is the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by Dr. Buckminster Fuller three decades ago.

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