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Russia linking energy grids to China and the Koreas
The Renewable Energy Potential of India

Dear GENI Friend,

What seemed impossible a decade ago is rapidly becoming the norm. For years, GENI has been prodding the energy providers of the Far East to integrate their electric grids for mutual benefit. Given the nations involved, this seemed like a great idea — with no one listening.

Cooperation between these nations is now usurping the old competitive, militaristic model. Electricity underpins our modern society, and the interconnection of grids across borders builds a 24/7 trade relationship that is mutually beneficial. As you can see in the attached reports, Russia is pursuing electrical exchanges with both China and the two Koreas. For over a decade, GENI has worked with engineers Lev Belyaev and Nikolai Voropai at the Irkutsk Siberian Energy Institute to drive these projects from plans to actual projects. The credit goes to the engineers, plus energy and foreign ministries on all sides.

The second most populated world region is the Indian subcontinent, which is experiencing tremendous economic growth amid widespread poverty. To meet both these challenges, GENI's goal is to encourage all nations to accelerate their renewable energy sectors. India is the only nation to have a dedicated Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. With research by Eleonore Queneudec, GENI published an Overview of the Renewable Energy Potential of India (1.3MB .pdf download). The key finding: India has sufficient renewable energy resource potential to meet all domestic electrical needs.

The daily news we read and see can often mask these positive trends. We are encouraged with this progress. Cooperative behavior is a solution to so many of the world's ills — in our homes, communities and between nations.

Happy Holidays

Peter Meisen


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The Global Energy Network Institute focuses on the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources. This strategy is the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by Dr. Buckminster Fuller three decades ago.

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