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Texas Contribution Evening
Article is being published in the book: Power Generation Technology

2 August 1993

Dear GENI Friend,

The past two months have proved to be an important transition for GENI. The shift to drive GENI into reality has increased our momentum, even as we continue to work on the credential of the proposal.

Having just returned from the Texas Contribution Evening -- we now have over $35,000 committed for our Fund the Vision Campaign! With 7 more events scheduled this month in Australia and New Zealand, we can expect to begin active work on the Computer Simulation Model shortly. GENI is fortunate to have several top industry experts willing to work on this project because they feel the question posed is important and offers great promise.

A few days ago, we were approved to present GENI to the North American Regional Conference for the Society for International Development (SID) later this year. This is the stepping stone to the global SID meeting next year in Mexico. It would be a great opportunity to discuss the linking of renewable resources around the world with everyone working on developmental issues.

Your support allows this work to grow more credible by the day. Thank you for holding the vision with us.


Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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