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25 September 1993

International Solar Energy Society (ISES), International T&D (Transmission and Distribution) Expo

Dear GENI Friend,

The GENI initiative grew in recognition and substance in the last month. I've just returned from several meetings in Europe and would like to share the results.

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) meets every two years, and I had to opportunity to address their final plenary session in Budapest. The solar energy potential of the planet is far beyond the needs of our society, yet solar power still remains too expensive for most commercial applications. The problem is that most of the ISES conversation is at the kilowatt level —and if you're going to meet the energy demand of the world in a sustainable fashion they must talk in megawatt terms (1000x). Those involved in solar development were challenged by GENI's aims.

In Amsterdam, the International T&D (Transmission and Distribution) Expo was held — serving clients throughout Europe. I was the keynote speaker for the opening luncheon — and again challenged the direction of the industry. The bottom line — in order to meet the energy needs of our exploding population in a sustainable manner we must accelerate the interconnection of renewable energy resources around the world. Both the conference sponsors and attendees responded with keen interest and demanded further information after the discussion.

While I am often standing alone before an audience of 250 people, I am very aware of the tremendous support that is standing beside me. Your letters and financial commitment mean a lot when presenting GENI to these people. Your support is making a difference in the thinking of these global planners.

Thank you,

Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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