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November 30, 1993

San Francisco Technology Summit, Mission Earth Task Force of the Society for Computer Simulation

Dear GENI Friend,

Your support allowed us to move into new and critical spheres of influence this past month. While it is impossible to attend all the events and conferences that GENI will impact, showing up at a select few helps us make major strides.

Many members of the Clinton Administration convened with major Silicon Valley corporations in San Francisco, the event was billed as the Technology Summit. We established relationships with some very top officials and are now seeking thier partnership in the GENI Computer Model.

Two people of note: Dr. John Gibbons is Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy for President Clinton. His deputy co-authored the recent book entitled Renewable Energy, stating both the planet's renewable abundance and our current ability to interconnect those sources just as Buckminster Fuller had projected! I also had lunch with the Director of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, who expressed great interest in the GENI model. He stated that many of the national labs are now looking for civilian projects to fill the post Cold War void as weapons programs are losing necessity and funding.

We then presented GENI before the Mission Earth Task Force of the Society for Computer Simulation. We enrolled several new specialists to help with the simulation model, and received the endorsement of Mission Earth to both encourage and assist in the project!

Your ccommitment makes these results possible. Thank you for helping us connect the world.

Thank you,

Peter Meisen
Executive Director

Keywords: San Francisco Technology Summit, Mission Earth Task Force of the Society for Computer Simulation,sustainable development, global energy network institute, international electricity transmission, grid, power, environmental educational programs, peace, zero population growth, stabilization.

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