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27 January 1994

Article in Mechanical Engineering -- Magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Dear GENI Friend,

The new year for GENI has started with a bang. . . very credible technical exposure, strong financial commitments, and a travel schedule that would make anyone dizzy.

As mentioned in last month's report, the Mechanical Engineering magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, (January 1994) has a major feature about interconnecting electrical systems around the world. The lead sentence acknowledges Buckminster Fuller as the source of this discussion in 1969. What's very important about this piece is that GENI is not mentioned. There are interviews with experts that we suggested they contact, and the entire story deals with this technology. Yet, not giving GENI credit means that the discussion and debate has now moved far beyond our own limitations, and is becoming incorporated by the industry!

With a commitment from Hong Kong, our Campaign to Fund the Vision of GENI has just hit the $250,000 mark! This is outstanding in that we can fully launch both the Computer Simulation Model and the Documentary/Film immediately. Your regular contributions have made this possible.

In this first quarter, GENI has major presentations at the Society for Computer Simulation, the Power Engineering Society of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and the world conference of the Society for International Development. The opportunity to share our work before these highly respected organizations says volumes about the acceptance GENI is now receiving.

Thank you for making this possible.


Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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