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26 May 1994

Fund the Vision of GENI Campaign Results

Dear GENI Friend,

One year ago, GENI launched our campaign to Fund the Vision of GENI — to make this project real in the world. I have just finished a second series of Contribution Evenings where you pledged another $100,000 to GENI this year! That brings our campaign total to $350,000 towards our $1 million dollar goal. Your support has been astounding.

Your backing has enabled us to begin both primary projects: the Computer Simulation Model and the Film/Documentary. These two artifacts will forever change the energy/environmental agenda. The Computer Model will deliver cost/benefit analysis to the experts and policy makers, and the Film will inform the general public of the opportunity for global cooperation.

Critical areas in the world are progressing in parallel with our message. Our recent newsletter reported the opening for interconnections in the Middle East after the Israeli/PLO peace accords. Further progress has been reported by Electric Utility Week:

Among the projects under consideration are a canal between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea that would produce electricity for Israel, Jordan and the West Bank, and a pumped-storage (hydro) plant at the Dead Sea or the Sea of Galilee that would generate power for sale to Israel, Jordan and Palestinians.

At the World Energy Conference in 1992, Mike Fisher and I met the Energy Ministers of Jordan and Egypt, as well as some Israeli system planners. We gave them the GENI information, but at the time they were understandably reticent to offer much hope. We played a part in this dialogue, which could not have happened without your support.

A present strategic focus is on the energy requirements of the exploding population in India, China and SE Asia. We are developing our presence in the region, and will keep you informed as we take the GENI solution into this critical world region.

Thank you for playing a key role in funding this vision.


Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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GENI is a U.S. Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet.

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