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28 July 1994

The Stages of an Idea

Dear GENI Friend,

Over the course of this project, some supporters have asked how their gifts are actually showing up in the real world. I'd like to share some recent results that are truly world-changing.

I'm sure you've heard the adage regarding the stages of an idea --

* first it is considered crazy
* second it is violently opposed
* finally it is accepted as being self-evident to all

Two examples will highlight the difference I believe GENI is making. For several years, we have been attending conferences of electrical engineers. Siemens, a global manufacturer, had originally scoffed at our work, since it wasn't possible in the real world. Well, just last week these same engineers were showing maps and plans to integrate power systems between East and West Europe that look exactly like what we were saying several years ago. Our crazy idea had become self-evident -- and a major economic opportunity for all of Europe.

Then, two years ago we met many of the world's energy elite at the World Energy Conference. At that time, GENI was focused on the opportunity of Israel and its Arab neighbors forming an interconnected network. Obviously, at the time it was considered out of the question. Our last newsletter featured the handshake between Yitsak Rabin and Prime Minister Arafat, and reports on peace projects. Just last week, King Hussain of Jordon and Prime Minister Rabin signed another peace accord -- and the following day the newspapers were reporting the two nations were going to link their power grids for mutual benefit.

Just two years ago, GENI planted seeds into the minds of many policy makers in the Middle East. Today, one of the world's critical hot spots is the Korean peninsula -- and we are again planting the idea of sharing energy across their borders.

Your support enables us to push a crazy idea to one that becomes self-evident to all. I thank you for your commitment that shows up like this in the world.

Thank you

Peter Meisen

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