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23 August 1994

A Solution to Global Problems

Dear GENI Friend,

Two months ago the GENI Board made the decision to start marketing the GENI project much more aggressively. The bold statement A Solution to Global Problems is now being used to grab people's attention. We've enclosed our bumper sticker for your car or office use. (Credit goes to our Melbourne and Victoria Affiliates for their original work on this piece.)

GENI's public appearances have never been greater. In this past month we have:

* helped produce a panel session on Middle East electrical interconnections at the IEEE Power Engineering Society

* exhibited at the National Renewable Energy Lab meeting, hosted in part by the Department of Energy

* exhibited at the Eco-Village at Woodstock 94, and GENI was announced to over 100,000 people from the main stage

In the next five weeks, GENI will:

* be a featured presentation at the First International Conference of Computer Simulation Societies

* exhibit at CIGRE (International Conference of Large High-Voltage Electric Systems) to 2,500 engineers from around the world

* exhibit to over 5000 delegates at the United Nations Conference on Population and Development

* open a new Affiliate in Hong Kong, and establish contacts with key energy planners in China

* be a featured presentation at CEPSI (Electricity Conference of East Asia and the Western Pacific) [also see AESIEAP]

And these are only some of the more visible opportunities for exposure. Daily we receive communications from supporters who tell us about personal conversations, media exposure and presentations made to all kinds of schools, businesses and trade organizations.

Clearly, GENI has moved into a higher mode of activity and awareness in the world. I want to thank you personally for supporting this work, as your contribution makes it all possible.

In Partnership for the Planet,
Peter Meisen

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GENI is a U.S. Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet.
GENI Affiliates in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and United States.

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