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28 October 1994

Why war? Why not big projects? by Alaskan Governor Walter Hickle, Chairman of the Northern Forum

Dear GENI Friend,

We plant many seeds that often take years to bear fruit. I would like to share with you a major milestone for GENI last month that began six years ago.

Our first GENI presentation outside the San Diego area was in Anchorage, Alaska to a statewide business organization. Several of GENI's Advisors grew from this forum -- Dr. Raghbir Basi, Dr. Glenn Olds, David Cline and Malcolm Roberts. At the time, Malcolm Roberts was the Executive Director of Commonwealth North, and now he is Assistant to the Governor of Alaska, Walter Hickel.

I had the opportunity at a later date to personally meet the Governor and hand him our material. Two years ago, both Malcolm Roberts and the Governor visited our exhibit at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. They bring a long term vision to government that is unusual in my observation.

Then, last month Governor Hickel addressed the opening Non-Governmental Organization Conference at the United Nations in New York. Attended by over 1000 NGO's from around the world, he spoke on Why war? Why not big projects? — and the linking of power systems for the benefit of all humanity was his prime example!

We also received a photo showing Governor Hickel handing the enclosed address to UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali. As well, as Chairman of the North Forum, Walter Hickel has discussed sustainable development and this specific proposal with 21 governors from regions throughout the Arctic and Far North.

Our initial work is bearing huge results. As well, each of your conversations and contributions have impact far beyond what any of us can imagine. Please read the address by Governor Hickel and share it with all of your associates. We are changing the world one conversation at a time.

In Partnership for the Planet,

Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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