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23 November 1994

What's Being Said By The Experts, World Citizen News

Dear GENI Friend,

Being at the center of this project, I sometimes forget that you don't see all that we do. The endorsement and corroboration of GENI continues to grow around the world, but most of the time this information comes to you in pieces.

So, today I'll let others share with you what they think about GENI. The story these experts weave is both convincing and impressive. Please copy What's being said by the experts and send it to your own close friends and business partners.

An example of what this can lead to is also enclosed. Garry Davis, Publisher of World Citizen News, is a strong GENI supporter who connected with GENI at the Earth Summit two years ago. He asked us to write a story for his newsletter about the Cairo United Nations Population and Development Conference, and his artist created the cartoon. This publication is sent to thousands of leaders around the world.

Each of us is a member of a club or society, and most groups have regular newsletters for their members. Share this material and see if the editor will do a story. We would be happy to send further information about GENI: a solution to global problems to anyone wishing to talk to a wider audience.

GENI is about changing a paradigm on the planet. It's done one conversation, one newsletter, one article at a time. The faster we get to critical mass awareness, the sooner the world will work for everyone.

These expert quotes and endorsements are a result of your financial support. Thank you.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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