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27 December 1994

North/South Korean Negotiations, Vice President Al Gore, Associated Press

Dear GENI Friend,

Sometimes the impact we make in the world is directly related to our efforts. Sometimes we just can't tell for sure. I'll share with you some recent communications that focused on the North/South Korean negotiations, and you can make your own conclusions.

As you are probably aware, North Korea's nuclear program has been a major concern to the global community. South Korea, Japan, and the United States have even offered to build and finance a replacement nuclear program in North Korea that will create less weapons grade plutonium.

During the debate, we saw the opportunity to inject an alternative solution. The interconnection of power grids between South and North Korea is similar to recent cross-border breakthroughs in the Middle East and East/West Europe. GENI sent the enclosed letter to many of the leaders on both sides -- outlining a plan to meet North Korea's growing energy needs in a more sustainable and cooperative fashion.

Vice President Al Gore responded with interest. Shortly thereafter an Associated Press report stated that, Seoul is willing to supply surplus electric power to North Korea. I was personally stunned. This was the first time I have ever seen this kind of agreement being reached before any formal treaty is signed.

Is it coincidence or did we cause this? We may never know, but it's clear we're on the right track. Please feel free to share these letters and reprints with your own elected representatives and business leaders.

You have my sincerest thanks for enabling us to bring this global solution to the attention of the world. Without your support, this would be impossible.

Have a great New Year!

Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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