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25 April 1995

Cover Story: Society Of Computer Simulation's Simulation Magazine, SCS Mission Earth Activity, Ben Clymer

Dear GENI Friend,

As the GENI project grows around the world, some milestones take on special significance. One such landmark is the enclosed issue of Simulation magazine. It is your continued support that makes possible this kind of accomplishment.

We have been working with the Mission Earth Activity of the Society for Computer Simulation for almost two years. They have been our technical advisors (no fee required) since the purpose of GENI and Mission Earth are so closely aligned.

In a memorial to Ben Clymer, a GENI champion and lifelong simulationist, the Special Issue on Mission Earth was published this month. We worked hard to get the Dymaxion Map and Buckminster Fuller on the cover — since Bucky's World Game was presented years ago in their Society.

Paul-Michael Dekker, Amy Bruton and I authored the paper on the GENI Model which became the featured article. Then, the Society joined as a sponsor of the Buckminster Fuller Centennial Symposium and Celebration (San Diego, July 14 - 16) and inserted the Event Announcement in the magazine that went out to all 3000 SCS members!

This magazine cover now sits in almost every Computer Science Department, Supercomputer Lab, and major engineering firm around the world. These are the very same partnerships required if we are going to alter the decisions of the nation's policy-makers and energy planners.

Clearly, GENI has just popped to a whole new level. This work is only possible with your support. Please share fully with us the acknowledgement we feel when this kind of exposure reaches a whole new audience, especially one of this caliber.


Peter Meisen Patricia Stevens
President Executive Director

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