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May 24, 1995

Rediscover the GENIus In Us All, Letter from Dr. Jonas Salk

Dear GENI Friend,

Each milestone of a growing project has meaning. Some landmarks are high exposure — public meetings like the Earth Summit in Rio, Population and Development Summit in Cairo or any number of articles in the media.

I know that our work over the past several years has helped push a new option into the global conversation. Your support — through every conversation, every letter and every check has empowered this effort.

There are a few turning points in a project that are much more quiet and personal. The letter from Dr.Jonas Salk is just such a moment for me. It is a special privilege to receive recognition and support of our work from the best of humankind. In speaking with Dr. Salk about the Bucky Centennial, he was most excited about the idea that we all have genius inside — it needs only to be released. For children especially, we need to encourage the discovery of their own unique gifts.

Join us to Rediscover the GENIus in us all. The Bucky Centennial Event is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Join us, tell your friends and bring your family. San Diego is the place to be on the planet on July 14, 15 and 16.

Your partner,

Peter Meisen

P.S. We are also privileged to have several of San Diego's top artistic people join the events production team for the Opening Ceremony and World Games. If you would like to assist on any of the event teams, please call Patricia Stevens right away.

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