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28 September 1995

The Northern Forum, High Commissioner (Ambassador) from India to Singapore

Dear GENI Friend,

I have just returned from a tour of GENI's Affiliates in Australasia: New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The dedication and commitment of these volunteer teams is inspiring and significant.

We had interviews on over a dozen radio and print media, reaching literally millions of new people with the GENI solution. The High Commissioner (Ambassador) from India to Singapore is carrying this initiative back to New Delhi. He sees how this proposal would dramatically improve the lives of half the population of India — a group that cuts firewood each day for energy, drinks non-potable water and for whom survival is a daily concern.

As well, GENI was presented to The Northern Forum, an organization of 21 Governors of northern latitude states from Scandinavia, Russia, Japan, Alaska and Canada. They meet to discuss common issues, environmental concerns and development opportunities. These policy-makers and their advisors represent only 2% of the world's population but could offer some of the world's best renewable energy resources to the major population centers in Europe, India, SE Asia and North America. We now have several strong advocates among their ranks.

These results and this work is only possible because of your support. Your contributions will enable our participation in Gorbachev's State of the World Forum and the World Energy Conference this month in Japan. These meetings provide us our highest leveraged opportunity ever to get this message to current decision-makers and global strategists.

Thank you for helping to fund this idea into reality.

Your partner for the planet,

Peter Meisen

Keywords : The Northern Forum, High Commissioner (Ambassador) from India to Singapore,sustainable development, global energy network institute, international electricity transmission, grid, power, environmental educational programs, peace, zero population growth, stabilization, life expectancy, infant mortality.

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