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23 November 1995

Major Milestones of 1995: GENI as a world player

Dear GENI Friend,

In our last report of the year, we want to briefly review the major milestones of 1995. It's been a huge year, and I hope you'll be proud of what you've made happen.

Great progress has been achieved in educating global decision makers about the feasibility and profound advantage of an interconnected, global, electrical energy grid based on renewable resources. This year, with your support, we accomplished the following:

! Reached 600 participants at the Buckminster Fuller Centennial Symposium & Celebration in July.

! Were featured on the cover of Simulation  and New Scientist  and interviewed by BBC.

! Reached millions in AustralAsia through extensive media coverage.

! Spoke in Japan at the Northern Forum to governors representing provinces of the 21 northern latitude states.

! Met with world leaders at the State of the World Forum  in San Francisco, at the invitation of Mikhail Gorbachev. Enclosed is a photo of me giving the GENI information to him.

! Put the GENI initiative in front of 3000 of the world's core energy industry and ministry leaders, World Bank and United Nations energy specialists at the World Energy Conference in Japan. That full report is attached.

To cap off the year, we have enclosed an article, This Game Anything but Child's Play, from the Los Angeles Times on the World Games we sponsored this year. Coverage by world class media creates new opportunities for more. Use this in your conversations with friends and associates.

You have helped us achieve a breakthrough in the level of recognition for GENI as a world player. We are poised to achieve extraordinary results, and your continued support makes all the difference. Thank you for your stand to make this world better for us all.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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