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22 February 1996

Peace Negotiations between Israel and Syria, Sustainable Development: Tools for a Competitive Edge

Dear GENI Friend,

Sometimes the impact of our work is hard to pinpoint — since our goal is universal: to improve the condition all humanity. Today, we offer concrete evidence that your dedicated support is helping bring peace to the world, specifically the Middle East!

Last month you received a copy of the letter sent to all parties involved in the current peace negotiations between Israel and Syria. While visiting Washington, I was stunned by the attached Washington Post  article describing what full peace would mean to the Israelis. One month after our letter, their Foreign Minister stated to the press that it includes even the integration of the two countries' electricity grids.   Wow!

Just days later we received the enclosed letter from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. Three years ago, Mike Fisher and I attended the World Energy Council, giving our technical package to many of the key players in the Middle East. From David Mulenex's letter, you can see that electrical integration is now a key component of the peace process among all nations. GENI can't take all the credit for this, but we deserve our share.

Next month, we are invited to present our project at a major symposium on Sustainable Development: Tools for a Competitive Edge in New York (just across from the United Nations). As you'll see, GENI is the featured organization, and we're sitting next to the United Nations Environmental Program, the President's Council for Sustainable Development, Arthur Anderson, GM, Ford Motor, etc. It's where this initiative belongs.

Your monthly support makes all the difference. It enables these results to occur. If people should ask you why you support GENI — tell them you're working for sustainable development and world peace — because you are.

In partnership for the planet,

 Peter Meisen

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