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24 April 1996

GENI Strategic Mission Statement / Latin America State of the World Forum

Dear GENI Friend,

Each month, in appreciation for your ongoing support, we send you the most exciting news and developments of GENI becoming real in the world. Doing this work daily, we sometimes forget that you may not be fully aware of our vision, mission and primary goals as a context for your regular contributions.

With this in mind, we have enclosed the GENI Strategic Mission Statement. This gives the most concise statement of GENI's reason for being and of the difference we know we can make in the world. A question we always ask ourselves isWhat is missing in the world that, if provided, would forward the understanding and development of this global solution? We welcome your input. It is as critical to us as your financial support.

Also attached is notice of a significant development in our relationship with the State of the World Forum. As you know, the Gorbachev Foundation hosted the event last October in San Francisco where I had the opportunity to share GENI personally with President Gorbachev. Now, there is a Latin America State of the World Forum planned in Mexico in August. 400 officials, business leaders, spiritual leaders, etc. will be meeting to discuss the long-term development strategies for their own region. GENI has been invited to participate as 1 of 20 international guests! The acknowledgement and opportunity are both enormous.

In a world that seems in chaos more often than not, GENI is providing a sane and thoughtful solution that impacts many of the world's problems. Thank you so much for supporting this work and for making possible a world that can work for everyone.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen Patricia Stevens
President Executive Director

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GENI is a U.S. Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet.
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