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24 May 1996

Dear GENI Friend,

Special request to help find a champion for GENI

The attached Reuters article and World Resources 1996 Executive Summary report predict a dire future for the planet if we continue on the same course. GENI can turn the tide, but we need to do something extra NOW!

As a small group of committed people, we have had good success in bringing awareness to many world leaders of the efficacy of GENI Solution... but it is NOT enough! To fulfill our mission to accelerate the attainment of optimal sustainable energy solutions we need to find a CHAMPION.

By finding a well known person to champion the GENI cause, we can speed up the process of reaching and influencing world leaders in industry and in government. A respected spokesperson can do this by bringing the GENI solution into the global spotlight.

While we do have many strong endorsements, we intend to identify the ideal CHAMPION and seek their support. To do that we want to ask whom you believe would make an ideal CAMPION for a cause that promises to change the course of Planet Earth... a project that powers ahead because of your support.

Some examples of people who champion global cause are:
President Jimmy Carter - Habitat for Humanity
Bob Geldof - Live Aid
General Norman Schwarzkopf - The Nature Conservancy
Robert Redford - Natural Resources Defense Council
Anita Roddick - the Rainforest

These are only a few examples of people who have had enormous impact on the causes which they have supported.

We intend to nurture a select list of 200 people. Then, find people who know and can influence them, find out what interests and motivates them and find out what they hate on a global level. We will invite them to review and champion our cause -- which may well be the premier global strategy to make a difference before it is TOO LATE!

So what can you do?

Simply help us compile the list. Tell us who you think would be a worthy Champion for GENI, one you would be proud to have represent your organization globally. Someone who really can make a difference.

Tell us who they are, how we can contact them and why you believe they would make a worthy CHAMPION for GENI.

With love and thanks for your continuing support,

Anthony Davis

Marketing Committee Chairman
GENI Board of Directors

P.S. Please send, Fax or E-mail your response by June 10th, so we can include your names on the list.

P.P.S. Won't it be great one day to read a Reuters article that is not all global doom & gloom but one that says GENI makes a difference globally!

Peter Meisen

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