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26 July 1996

Peace Corps Experiences with Patricia Stevens, GENI's Executive Director

Dear GENI Friend,

Each month, we send you another piece of the GENI project. You've received letters from world leaders, articles appearing in major newspapers, speaking invitations at international symposia and notices about GENI campaigns or funding appeals.

While we live this project every day, you receive the best we have to offer, just once a month. We realize the difficulty you must have in synthesizing it all into a coherent explanation and strategy. Our desire is for you to share the GENI Initiative with all your friends and business associates, but piecemeal information could make this a challenge for you.

So, we created the GENI History and Milestone report. It's a lengthy summary, but worth every word. As you'll see, GENI has developed a strong credential over the years. The body of research and exposure in the energy, environmental and development communities is impressive. We hope this gives you a strong sense of satisfaction that your support has made a huge difference.

Also, the rationale for GENI's three primary projects are explained. The GENI Computer Model, Documentary/Film The Power Planet and International Conference Connect 2000 each target a critical audience. Each project has a full proposal that is currently being considered by several governmental agencies and international corporations. There is a strong case for each, and sponsorship funding totaling $2.5 million for all three is what is needed now.

Please take the time to read about GENI's program over the year. Your financial contribution has made these results possible, and we stand on these shoulders as we discuss GENI's next phase with business leaders and policy-makers. We couldn't do it without you.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen Patricia Stevens
President Executive Director


[GENI in Review, 1996]

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