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26 September 1996

Republican National Convention in San Diego / Linking Electricity for Peace (an Opinion Editorial for Your Newspaper or Magazine)

Dear GENI Friend,

I want to ask your assistance once again. It's easy — taking just a phone call, stamp and envelop.

A bit of background will help. San Diego hosted the Republican National Convention last month. We were most interested in the 12,000 media that came to cover the event from around the world. The attention given San Diego was phenomenal, and we wanted a piece of that coverage for the GENI story.

We pushed very hard — working press rooms, writing news releases and attending media events. The initial results were disappointing. It seems that during a national political convention, a global strategy was too much for most reporters to grasp.

However, we did develop some excellent contacts with a few key news magazines and Washington pundits. One specifically asked us to create an Opinion/Editorial, which is attached. The peace angle for the article is highlighted by the first paragraph. Something is going on around the world that is unseen by most everyone. An international linkage in Asia, the Middle East or Europe looks like isolated events to most people. Yet taken collectively, there is clearly a trend emerging when you look at the cooperative thread that ties these projects together.

Our request: Call the Editor of your favorite news magazine, newspaper, airline magazine or company newsletter. Ask them to read and then print this Op/Ed in their next publication (Sundays are best for newspapers). Then send or fax the enclosed story to them, with a short note outlining your reasons for supporting this initiative.

This simple task could help us reach literally millions of people who remain unaware of this global strategy. Thank you very much for your help on this. Your contribution enables us to push this work into new regions around the world. You can help us drive the peace process between more unlikely countries. This is an excellent way for you to leverage your contribution today!

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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