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23 October 1996

Vice President Al Gore, State of the World Forum, Vice Chairman of the U. N. General Assembly

Dear GENI Friend,

Great strides forward sometimes come one meeting at a time. The past few weeks have strengthened our foundation as one meeting led to another, and another. Your diligent support makes a huge difference in producing these results every month.

I was honored to meet Vice President Al Gore again, and give him our request for US sponsorship of this initiative through the State Department and the United Nations. Discussions continue with his staff — but no commitments at this time. Stay tuned.

Once again, we participated in the State of the World Forum (SOWF) hosted by Mikhail Gorbachev. GENI renewed relationships with California Senator Alan Cranston (retired), Noel Brown (ex-UN Environment Program Director -- now Special Council to the Group of 77 developing nations), Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers (Netherlands '82-'94) and Cost Rican Peace Price Laureate Oscar Arias. The SOWF is a five year process to develop strategies for the new millennium. The GENI Initiative is now being presented as a possible Forum Initiative. We'll keep you apprised of this pending endorsement.

Then, we hosted the present Vice Chairman of the United Nations General Assembly in the GENI offices last week. Ambassador Julie Minoves i Triquell is from Andorra and he promised to discuss this proposal further with key UN department heads. Our goal is endorsement for the international conference we're planning in cooperation of the Egyptian Energy Ministry.

As you can see, our circle of influence is growing stronger. These meetings would be impossible without your support. It's an honor to share this initiative with leading thinkers and policy-makers, and I can't thank you enough for helping to finance this project into reality.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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