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27 November 1996

Latin American State of the World Forum, Shell Company's Long Range Planning Group

Dear GENI Friend,

Buenos Dias! I have just returned from the Latin American State of the World Forum, hosted by Governor Vicente Fox of Guanajuato, Mexico. There were 700 delegates from throughout Latin America discussing how to forward the economies of Mexico, Central and South America in a sustainable manner.

GENI was presented to the roundtable of experts: Addressing the Environmental Challenge Emerging Solutions and Latin America facing Globalization. We prepared information in both Spanish and English. Once again, I had the oportunity to share this work personally with several world leaders:

  • Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO
  • Jehan Sadat, First Lady of Egypt
  • James Baker, US Secretary of State ('89-'92)

As you'll see, we have received a strong letter of endorsement from Governor Fox, which was reinforced by Fred Matser, Founder of the Gorbachev Foundation in the Netherlands. The State of the World Forum is an ideal venue to promote this global strategy as their goal is to uncover post-Cold War solutions into the next millennium. The GRID Initiative is getting a thorough review from several within the Forum leadership.

We have the opportunity next month to present our Simulation Model proposal to the Shell Company's Long Range Planning Group in London. They are the pinnacle in the global strategic planners so wish me luck.

This report brings the end of 1996. It's been a huge year for GENI, your project. The results would not have been possible without you. And more is always needed as the pie continues to grow. Please consider a special tax-deductible contribution before the holidays, or increasing your monthly pledge.

Thank you for your commitment to the world, and helping GENI make it better for us all.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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