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22 May 1997

The GRID Initiative, a Compelling Strategy for Peace and Sustainable Development

Dear GENI Friend,

Over the past year you have seen our speaking shift to the statement — The GRID Initiative, a Compelling Strategy for Peace and Sustainable Development. Last month we presented to you the support of Robert Muller for GENI's positive impact on world peace.

In support of our impact on sustainable development, we offer the recently published editorial in Sustain,  the newsletter of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). This organization was formed by 25 multi-national corporations as advocates for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The WBCSD has grown to over 150 global companies -- which means this article was seen around the planet last month.

The editor has invited people who would like to comment on The Missing Link to respond to: Christine Elleboode, editor of Sustain, WBCSD, FAX 41(22)830-31-31 (in Geneva, Switzerland) or e-mail at info@wbcsd.ch She stated that thoughtful replies will be published in the next issue -- which would extend the discussion about this piece. This would make a big difference, so please send a commentary that you would like read by business leaders around the world!

NEW OFFER!!! Wayne Morgan of EXCEL Communications long distance service has created an easy way for you to expand your support of GENI, every time you make a long distance call! It's simple, the rates are very competitive, you get a FREE Motorola pager, and help GENI by contributing a portion of your phone bill every month! (By the way, Mr. Morgan has been a strong GENI supporter and advocate for years. We are pleased to offer you this terrific win-win deal.) Just call him directly or send in the attached response form.

As you read this I'll be in Europe, speaking at the 1st World Sustainable Energy Trade Fair. It's a very leveraged event — and I could not be there without your continued support. Month by month, we're getting closer to critical mass awareness. Thank you for your commitment.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

P.S. Please take a few minutes right now to follow-through on these two requests: a commentary to the WBCSD and contacting Wayne Morgan. More education and more money — we need both.

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